Sally Cox, Founder Coppered Co., with her dog Molly

The PURPOSE behind Coppered® ME/CFS Signature jewellery

Why I want to fund ME/CFS Research

I want to fund ME/CFS research for several reasons.

Living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) has been a bewildering and frustrating experience because so much is unknown about the illness. I've spent hours searching for a magic bullet to resolve all my symptoms.  And I’m always hoping for a Google alert, announcing a significant breakthrough.

I'm frustrated by the limited amount of research being done, especially considering the number of people affected by ME/CFS and similar illnesses like Long Covid. According to the Open Medicine Foundation, a staggering 85 million individuals face multisystem diseases like ME/CFS and Long Covid. Astonishingly, there are so few studies despite the high number of individuals struggling with these conditions.

Unfortunately, research grant submissions take a significant amount of time to prepare. Jarred Younger, director of the Neuro-inflammation, Pain, and Fatigue Laboratory at the University of Alabama, Birmingham has talked about his efforts to organize and submit these.  He says it can take months with absolutely no guarantee of success.  And when he’s working on his submissions, his attention is taken from actually doing the research.  I believe more funding is needed for ME/CFS research, so I am launching a new fundraising initiative.

Coppered®ME/CFS Signature Jewellery, funding research

Introducing Coppered®, signature ME/CFS jewellery designed specifically for our ME/CFS community. My goal through Coppered® is to unite us as a community and to contribute to finding a cure. I am committed to donating 100% of the company’s profits to vital research.  Coppered® is for patients, parents, siblings, partners, and close friends.

If you haven't already, please visit my website  There you'll find my personal ME/CFS story, an explanation of Coppered's Purpose, and an e-commerce shop featuring the Coppered® range. I've kept the collection simple and tried to keep items affordable.

I've mostly developed Coppered® on my own to minimize costs and maximize profits for research. I'm based in New Zealand but service most countries via courier. I apologize for charging for shipping, but this aligns with my philosophy of minimizing costs.

Coppered® is aligning with credible and collaborative ME/CFS research networks

Coppered® is for all of us, and I will continue developing it for you so long as you value it. I am collaborating with established organizations like the Open Medicine Foundation, which work with credible ME/CFS research networks. Be assured that 100% of company profits will go toward funding real science conducted by qualified individuals.

With your support I hope to have funding available as soon as possible. I won't burden research teams with extensive grant submissions, because I trust the organizations I'm collaborating with to have your best interests in mind. 

If you want to see progress in solving ME/CFS sooner rather than later, please support Coppered® and share it with your networks. Together, we can help fund a cure.

Sally Cox,

Founder | Coppered Company