coppered® MECFS signature jewellery, is for people impacted by myalgic encephalomyelitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, or to show love for someone who is.

Precious metals with purpose


coppered® jewellery is my way of connecting us as a community. Every piece of coppered carries the signature coppered® icon so that we can recognise each other.

coppered® is also a beautiful and purposeful way to raise funds, specifically for the benefit of ME/CFS medical research.

If you’re a parent, partner, sibling, or close friend of someone with ME/CFS, I hope you will wear it. And if you live with ME/CFS, coppered® is definitely for you.


Get my for tips for living with ME/CFS, while we wait for a cure

WHY coppered®

It's about connection and a cure

There's something powerful in knowing we are not alone and that we have the means to help ourselves.
My hopes are that through wearing coppered®, we'll feel united as a community and that we will raise enough funding to help FUND a cure.

What's in a name?

Copper is a precious metal that is thought to have healing properties. The name coppered® references this ancient belief.

Copper is used in the creation of gold which is why each piece of jewellery is solid silver, coated in 18k gold. It's quality you deserve.

I see you...

Every piece of coppered® carries the signature 'Cu' icon so that we can recognise each other in a beautiful yet subtle way.

There's a purpose behind referencing the scientific element for copper 'Cu'. The MECFS community deserves validation and that will come when science solves this illness.

Precious metals with purpose