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"As far as I'm aware, researchers are yet to uncover the specific cause of myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome. There are no definitive laboratory tests that your doctor can order, no proven treatment protocols, and certainly no cure." - Sally Cox, Founder Coppered Company.

Raising awareness of ME/CFS isn't enough...

What we need is increased investment in research to fully understand this condition and find a cure. Not surprisingly, medical research comes at a significant cost. Pilot studies cost around $50,000 USD whilst large-scale clinical trials upwards of $2,000,000 USD, so there is a sizeable challenge ahead.

My mission is to help see ME/CFS solved. To achieve this, I've established coppered®, a social enterprise with all profits donated to research organisations such as Open Medicine Foundation which are focused on solving ME/CFS.

My big hairy, audacious goal.

According to Dr. Jarred Younger, the director of the Neuroinflammation, Pain and Fatigue Laboratory, the University of Alabama, Birmingham, one in every 10 pilot research projects will fail. To improve our chance of success in finding a cure for ME/CFS, we should increase the number of pilot research studies undertaken, instead of trying to pick a winner!

Pilot studies are vital precursors to validating research hypotheses because without understanding 'why' something has occurred, we can't hope to progress to 'how' to fix it. Once pilot research is completed, the pathway to large-scale clinical trials becomes significantly more feasible.

My focus is to help fund pilot research studies through sales of coppered®. My goal is to fund at least 10 pilot research studies in the next two years.

If you'd like to help me do this, please share coppered® with your friends, families, and colleagues and buy your piece of coppered® today.